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    The battle of Lugalo

    After the Germans had managed to colonise the coastal area of Tanganyika, they started to move further inland. At that time the Hehe were also expanding towards the coast. Chief Mkwawa was shocked to hear about the Germans military might.

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Mkwawa was the chief of Uhehe who won fame by defeating Germans at Lugalo on the 17th of August 1891. He then maintained their resistance for seven years until he shot himself to death in June 1898. Mkwawa is derived from Mukwava, the short form of Mukwavinyika, meaning the conqueror of many lands. He was born in 1855 at Luhota in Iringa.
Uhehe occupies the Iringa region of southern Tanzania in East Africa, its citizens (Hehe) are Bantu speaking people.

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